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Our Story

Restore Family Counseling was born out of the understanding that when one person struggles, everyone in the family is affected in some way. At Restore, we seek to support individuals ages 4 and up and the families they are in. Healthy families are foundational to our overall health and wellbeing and when they function well, it paves the way for functionality in many areas of life. A family that understands each other is a place where safety is not just given, but felt by everyone. Our desire is to come alongside any individual, whether child, adolescent, or adult and work towards healing and restoration within the individual, marriage, or the family as a whole.
By taking a holistic view of our clients and their lives, our team considers the overall mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of the people we have the privilege of working with. We know our minds and bodies are very interconnected and caring for ourselves on both fronts is essential to full healing and recovery from what life throws our way. As therapists, it is our goal to meet the needs of our clients through assessing the mind and body connection, knowing that treating both areas is crucial for clients to move forward 
restored, renewed, and ready for what may come.

Our Story: About Us
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