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What is a transformative nurse health coach?

A nurse health coach is a registered nurse that has received additional training through a rigorous course and hands-on practicum. A nurse health coach, empowers, encourages, equips, and educates an individual by using nursing intervention, experience, and knowledge to help people discover their innate ability to face challenges and discover their own ability to heal.    We help our clients discover what they genuinely want for their life and to co-create a road map to get them there. We help people rewrite their stories and give insight so they can step into a new story through creating lasting lifestyle changes.

Who can benefit from nurse health coaching?

Coaching can benefit anyone looking to achieve any goal or receive some clarity around something in their life.  Health coaching specifically uses a holistic model to address all areas of a person's health to find ways to achieve balance, take control of illness or pain, understand the medical system, or gain further insight into the root causes of your pain or illness.  Coaching can also educate regarding further testing, supplementation, or resources available to help you through your specific situation.  We will co-create goals and action plans to help you reach your goals.

When to seek nurse health coaching?

Times of transition are always great times to seek nurse health coaching. Receiving a new diagnosis, during pregnancy, post-partum, or perimenopause, any of these situations would be times to seek nurse health coaching. Anyone interested in achieving a new health goal such as: running a marathon, losing weight, reducing stress to improve health, or achieving a better work life balance, can all benefit from nurse health coaching.  This service is also excellent for those looking to attain a better level of health in your current situation or gain control of your current diagnosis.

Why receive your coaching from a qualified registered nurse?

A nurse is highly trained in all ages and stages of life to assess and implement plans to improve one’s health.  A nurse coach is also obligated to practice within the standards and laws set forth by the state to ensure quality nurse coaching for their clients. They are dedicated to listening and moving patients toward better health and life outcomes. 

 A nurse is able to approach your situation with the following:

  • Experience in the healthcare system

  • Extensive knowledge of the human body and disease process 

  • Training to educate clients regarding resources and implementation of the health care plan

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